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Southport Zumba Classes: Not all fitness workouts have to seem boring and nothing but hard work. In fact there's one kind of fitness regime that you can do in Southport that seems more like a fun, high energy party, and that is Zumba. The truth is, that most of the time you won't even be aware that what you are doing is a real workout. You'll boost your level of fitness, tone your entire body and revitalise your social life, all at the same time.

Southport Zumba Classes

In essence it is exercise in disguise, since while you are having a blast, Zumba is giving you a complete body workout. A calorie burn off of five hundred to nine hundred calories is by no means exceptional during a typical Zumba class in Southport. Also, without even thinking about it, you will learn some new dance moves along the way, because Zumba is much more than just a fitness class.

The great thing about a Zumba class is that it is extremely difficult to stand still once the music is playing, that fast paced, lively and infectious music just gets you started. You will automatically find yourself moving with the music and joining in the fun. With the atmosphere at your Southport Zumba class seeming more like a social party, everybody will be having a wonderful time, and briefly forget that this is in fact a fitness class.

The types of Zumba that you can try in Southport are many and varied and may include Zumba in the Circuit, Zumba Gold, Plate by Zumba, Zumbini, Zumba Sentao, Zumba Kids, Zumba Step, Zumba Toning, Aqua Zumba and Zumba Gold Toning.

Zumba started in the 1990's, and was created by a dancer and choreographer from Colombia called "Beto" (Alberto) Perez. His goal was to create an exercise program combining dance and aerobic cardiovascular movements, driven by energetic Latin music tempos. A number of different dance styles provide the moves which are used in a Zumba class, and can be taken from soca, mambo, salsa, bachata, samba, cha-cha, hip hop music, flamenco, merengue and axe.

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By enrolling for Zumba classes in Southport, you can gain a great many benefits including improving your self-confidence, helping you to develop a finely toned body, enlivening your social life, building your overall fitness, helping you to lose a bit of weight, learning to dance, getting a complete body workout and of course, having a great deal of fun.

Your local Southport Zumba class will possibly offer Zumba parties, Zumba for dogs, Zumba for the over 60's, Zumba fitness classes, Zumba dance routines, Zumba toning routines, Zumba for the elderly, Zumba classes for the disabled, Zumba classes for novices, Zumba for exercise, Zumba courses, Zumba for the over forties, Zumba training, Zumba for the over fifties and other Zumba related stuff in Southport, Merseyside.

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